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Movie Clubs were established by amateur moviemakers and collectively constituted an amateur cinema culture. Movie clubs came in different shapes and sizes: some were defined by their geographical location, others were oriented around particular activities, and still others collected users of a specific film gauge (i.e. 8mm film).

Luton Amateur Film Club


Luton, England, UK

Associated Filmmaker/People:

L. Russell-Dellay

Associated Films:

Footlights (1938)

Wood House Pictures

Associated Filmmaker/People:

Henry Anthony Vaughan Bulleid

Associated Films:

Danger Signal (1935)

Grandma’s Glasses (1932)

Hydrogen Peroxide (1937)

Labours of Hercules Smith, The (1936)

Moonshine (1938)

Clyde (1931)

Halk Sineması Grubu

Alternate Name:

[People’s Cinema Group, The]


1 Mayıs Mahallesi, Ümraniye, İstanbul/Turkey

Associated Filmmaker/People:

İshak Işıtan

Genç Sinema Grubu

Alternate Name:

[Young Filmmakers Group, The]


Şişli, Istanbul/Turkey

Associated Filmmaker/People:

Artun Yeres

Ahmet Soner

Jak Şalom

Muammer Özer

Alava Cinema Section

Associated Films:

Villa de Corres [Corres Village] (1983)

Día de rally, Un [A day of rally] ()

Laderas de Izkiz [Hillsides of Izkiz] ()

Villar, El ()

Olga ()

Cita, La. [The date] ()

Márgenes del Duero [Douro Margins] (1971)

Rótula, La [The ball joint] ()

Álava Deportiva [Sports in Alava] ()

Santo Patrón [Patron Saint] ()

3er Cross Popular Vitoria-Gasteiz [3rd Popular Cross Vitoria-Gasteiz] ()

Senderos de Ilusión [Paths of Hope] ()

Agua Viva [Living Water] ()

Lechera, La [The milkmaid] ()

Amigo Enemigo [Friend Enemy] ()

Amateur Theatre Guild



Associated Filmmaker/People:

Lauren Kenyon Woods

Violet McClure Woods

Zine Kluba Azkue / Cine Club Azkue

Cine Club Rentería


Errentería, Gipuzkoa.

Associated Films:

Fuerza y Alegría [Strength and Joy] (1965)

Madrid 64 (1964)

Mendietan [In the mountains] (1965)

Primavera [Spring] (1965)

Boston Amateur Cinema League

Sección de Cine del Consejo de Cultura [Cinema Section of the Culture Council]


Álava, Spain

Associated Filmmaker/People:

Eloy González Gavilán

José Ramón Aguirrezabal

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