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Calles negras, Las [The black streets] (Felipe Tirado, 1971)

"A successful man living in a great metropolis is increasing awareness of the unjust social reality that lives in the absurdity. This immerses him in a uneasiness that sinks into alcoholism and depression. In his wandering through the streets viewer gets to be the unfortunate suicide of another victim of the meaninglessness of life, which will produce a series of dreamlike hallucinations bordering on the madness. In a stroke of consciousness of his misfortune, he does run aimlessly without course. Devastated, to the dawn, with the light of the dawn he sees to be reborn the hope personified in an innocent girl who stretches the hand donating bread" Internet Archive.

Watch: Via Internet Archive

Camera on Chicago (Warren Thompson, 1983)

"This film is 'a love letter to the city' from Chicago native and filmmaker Warren E. Thompson. It is a continuing effort to record some of the events, characteristics, problems and glories of Chicago. Footage includes architecture, sculpture, housing, Lake Michigan, Chinatown, parades, Maxwell Street Market, and the people of Chicago. Thompson captures life and culture from the most affluent to the poverty stricken." Chicago Film Archives.

Watch: via Chicago Film Archives

Campus Smiles (Henry Royce , 1920)

"Campus Smiles uses a playful tone to document the faculty, student body, and life at UW-Madison during the early 1920s. This documentary short is a compelling chronicle of the local culture at one of the nation’s largest universities and offers a glimpse into the undergraduate sphere of the immediate post-WWI era. In it, humorous intertitles penned in early twentieth-century American slang introduce campus personalities and comment on social events." Archive.org

Watch: Archive.org

Canada Coast to Coast (Part 1) (Julian Gromer , 1956)

"2 part edited travelogue film beginning in Ontario and working west to British Columbia, documenting the resources, landscape and recreation of Canada. Includes a large amount of natural scenery, but also diverse events such as fishing, a rodeo and water sports. Also gives a look into factories and resorts." Chicago Film Archives

Watch: chicagofilmarchives.org

Canada Coast to Coast (Part 2) (Julian Gromer , 1956)

"2 part edited travelogue film beginning in Ontario and working west to British Columbia, documenting the resources, landscape and recreation of Canada. Includes a large amount of natural scenery, but also diverse events such as fishing, a rodeo and water sports. Also gives a look into factories and resorts." Chicago Film Archives

Watch: chicagofilmarchives.org

Çatalağzı Kuyusu (Behlül Dal, 1975)

“Zonguldak Çatalağzı isimli kömür çıkarma kuyusunu 26 eylül 1969 yılında su basmış. Bu kuyu o dönem en fazla kömür üretimi gerçekleştirilen kuyu imiş. TKİ bir proje kapsamında suyu boşaltmış [...].” Sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/catalagzi-kuyusu-1975/ (20 November 2019).

“The coal mine in Zonguldak, named Çatalağzı, was overflowed on September 26, 1969. The coal mine was the most productive one in the country at the time. Turkey's Directorate General of Coal Enterprises (the abbreviation “TKİ” stands for the Directorate) designed a project to put the water out [...].” Sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/catalagzi-kuyusu-1975/ (20 November 2019).

Watch: https://vimeo.com/360764652

Central America (H. Lee Hansen, 1960)

Kodachrome travelogue showing life and culture in Guatemala and Panama.

Watch: via UC San Diego Library

Chicago: City to See in ‘63 (Margaret Conneely, 1962)

"A “city symphony” film, produced to encourage Photographic Society of America members to attend their 1963 conference in Chicago, City to See is a surprising film. It combines footage of Chicago with a deadpan commentary that pokes fun commercial travel films: “Chicago is my town,” the narrator says wryly, “and no other town will do.”" Chicago Film Archives

Watch: Chicago: City to See in '63 via Chicago Film Archives

Circus Capers (Margaret Conneely, 1955)

"A Margaret Conneely amateur film starring St. Tarcissus’ Cub Scout Pack 3969 in a circus production. Children dress as both circus animals and performers." Chicago Film Archives

Watch: Circus Capers

City of San Francisco, The (Arthur H. Smith , 1936)

Watch: via Archive.org

Çıraklar [Apprentices] (Muammer Özer, 1980)

“O günlerde tam bir kültürel çöl olan İzmir’de sinema ile ilgili birşeyler yapabilmek (etkinlik, fim, yayın) çabası içindeyken, İstanbul öncesi kurucular arasında bulunduğum ve sinematek bölümünü yönettiğim İzmir Sinema ve Kültür Derneği’nin düzenlediği “Bağımsız Filmler’ temalı festivale filmleriyle davet ettiğim, tanıştığım Muammer Özer’le dostluğum ilerledi… Yıllar sonra İzmir’i ziyaret ettiği bir günde öğrencilerimden İbrahim Öğretmen ile (daha sonra Paris’e yerleşti, Gökşin Sipahioğlu ile uzun süre çalıştı) fotoğraf çalışmaları sırasında gözlediğim bir kenar semtteki artık camları değerlendiren işliklerden-işçilerden söz ettim. O günlerde Refik Durbaş’ın şiirinden, Livaneli’nin bir şarkısı da kulaklarımızdaydı.” Oğuz Makal, sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/ciraklar-1980-2/ (9 November 2019).

“When I was trying to make something (a film, a publication, an event)—Izmir was like a ‘cultural desert,’ I started getting off with Muammer Özer whom I invited to the “Independent Film Festival” that İzmir Sinema ve Kültür Derneği [Izmir Cinema and Cultural Association which I established in Istanbul organized... After years, when one of my students—İbrahim Özen who moved to Paris and worked with Gökhan Sipahioğlu—came to Izmir, I talked to him about child workers trying to pick up waste glass in trash. During the course of these days, Refik Durbaş’s poem [Çırak Aranıyor/An Apprentice Wanted] and one song of Liveneli were ringing in our ears.” Oğuz Makal, sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/ciraklar-1980-2/ (9 November 2019).

Watch: http://sinematek.tv/ciraklar-1980-2/

Close to You By the Carpenters (David Strutzel, 1970)

"A stop-animation film set to the song “Close to You” by The Carpenters. It was made by a Chicago high school student as a hobby back in 1971. It went onto win an award from the “Young Chicago Filmmakers Festival” that same year." Chicago Film Archives

Watch: chicagofilmarchives.org

Cocu, Le (Miguel Ángel Quintana, 1971)

Film experimental de animación que cuenta una pequeña historia de infidelidad conyugal.

Experimental animation film that tells a short story about marriage infidelity.

Watch: Via Miguel Ángel Quintana's Vimeo Channel

Cologne: From the Diary of Ray and Esther (Raymond Dowidat , 1939)

"Filmed in 1939 by the town doctor, Cologne is a personalized portrait of a farming community that merited only a single sentence in the WPA’s 1938 guidebook to Minnesota: “COLOGNE (945 alt., 355 pop.) is a German community named for the ancient city on the Rhine.” Dr. Raymond Dowidat and his wife, Esther, arrived in 1937 for his first practice after internship, and the impulse for the film seems to have arisen from their desire to document Cologne before they moved on to his next position in Minneapolis." filmpreservation.org

Watch: Via filmpreservation.org

Columbia River Adventure (Part 1) (Julian Gromer , 1950)

"Edited travelogue footage of a trip down the Columbia River. Along with scenic views, industrial processes are documented such as harvesting grain, canning salmon, making plywood and the factory production of sweaters." Chicago Film Archives

Watch: chicagofilmarchives.org

Columbia River Adventure (Part 2) (Julian Gromer , 1950)

"Edited travelogue footage of a trip down the Columbia River. Along with scenic views, industrial processes are documented such as harvesting grain, canning salmon, making plywood and the factory production of sweaters." Chicago Film Archives

Watch: chicagofilmarchives.org

Come with Us to China! (Robbins Barstow , 1985)

"In September 1985, Robbins Barstow and his wife Meg, of Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA, went on a four-week tour of China. This personalized travelogue includes visits to Shanghai, Beijing, the Great Wall, Xian, Guilin, and a cruise down the Yangtze River." Archive.org

Watch: via A/V Geeks (Archive.org)

Common Mistakes and Their Correction (Kenneth F. Space, 1939)

"On camera techniques. Illustrates poor photographic scenes, what caused them, and how to avoid them." National Archives.

Watch: via National Archives

Contretemps (, 1954)

A married couple responds to a newspaper ad seeking homes for foreign delegates visiting America. The couple receives the news that their guests are coming from Hong Kong, China, and they begin to alter their home and appearances to adjust to Chinese customs. However, when the delegates arrive, they do not meet the couple's expectations.

Watch: via the G.R.A.M.C. Film Library

Crater Lake In June (Arthur H. Smith , 1936)

Watch: via Archive.org

Crystal Clear (Joseph J. Harley, 1948)

"Crystals While You Wait is a record of the triumphant climax of long scientific research for a crystal substitute. Desperately needed as a filter in expanding telephone transmission lines, the final perfection of this synthetic crystal could not have been more exciting electronically than is this study of it esthetically. To it, Joseph J. Harley has brought creative imagination, absolute accuracy and a rich sense of this drama in a laboratory. Ethylene diamine tartrate (known to electrical engineers as E.D.T.) is the hero of this scientific saga. And a colorful one it is in this record of its synthesis into electrically usable crystalline form. From its provocative lead title assembly — double exposed on a dynamic pattern of back lighted crystals — through its smoothly integrated sequences of laboratory procedures, to its triumphant and stirring climax, Crystals While You Wait is a moving marriage of science and cinematics." Movie Makers, Dec. 1948, 475.

Watch: Crystal Clear via AT&T Archives

Curaçao (H. Lee Hansen, 1971)

"Hansen gives to Curacao, a Caribbean territory of Netherlands, a visit. He films the industrial, residential, and commercial areas of Willemstad." UC San Diego Library.

Watch: via UC San Diego Library

Cyprus: The New Republic (Robert Davis, 1961)

"A short travelogue film on the Republic of Cyprus. A narrator warmly introduces viewers to the charms, history and people of Cyprus." Chicago Film Archives.

Watch: via Chicago Film Archives

Dancing Colors (Sol Falon, 1968)

"An amateur experimental film made by Sol Falon and distributed by the Society of Amateur Cinematographers (SAC)." Chicago Film Archives

Watch: chicagofilmarchives.org

Davud ve Golyat [David and Goliath] (Muammer Özer, 1975)

“1975 yılında yapılmıştır. İngiltere'nin İrlanda’daki sömürüsü, politik mahkumları, özgürlük mücadelesi hakkında 5 dakikalık bir filmdir. Dönemin görsel materyal azlığı koşullarında bol fotoğrafla ve az görüntülü bilgilendirme amaçlı bir filmdir.” Sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/davut-ile-golyat/ (1 November 2019).

“It was made in 1975. This 5-minute-long film is about the British exploitation in Ireland, the political struggle [of the Irish people], and the fight for freedom. Because of the lack of visual material at the time of production, it purposefully benefits from the use of [the historical] photographs as counter-information.” Sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/davut-ile-golyat/ (1 November 2019).

Watch: http://sinematek.tv/davut-ile-golyat/

Day of Horror, A (Ramon Galindo, 1964)

"This amateur horror film, made by longtime Austin resident Ramon Galindo, follows a group of kids as they go fishing. When one girl falls and injures herself, she is taken by a Frankenstein-esque villian to an abandoned, rural house where he prepares a potion to give her as she lays on skeleton bones. When the girl makes a run for it, her friends and a sheriff’s officer join in to help rescue the girl and capture the villain. This film was made in 1964 with children from Austin’s Travis Heights neighborhood. Austin local Chris Crow plays the villain and commissioned the music for the film locally. It was shot in Hays County between Kyle and San Marcos, Texas" Texas Archive of the Moving Image.

Watch: via Texas Archive of the Moving Image

Day with the Young Martins, A (John Martin, 1936)

"To make a family film of youngsters that is entertaining to a stranger is quite an achievement, but to make a family picture that is, at the same time, an almost perfect record of the really human qualities of children and parents is a truly notable accomplishment. This is what John Martin has done in his picture, A Day with the Young Martins. His theme is the "from dawn to dusk" story of the Martin family, and he wisely has avoided emphasizing the clock or other obvious methods of holding the picture together. Instead, the story seems to tell itself, and the little episodes that must have been planned, or they could not have been caught with the aid of lighting equipment and camera, have a natural, sincere quality that is very welcome. The picture rates chiefly because of its delightful treatment, but technically it is entirely adequate." Movie Makers, Dec. 1936, 542.

Watch: via East Anglian Film Archive

Dear Jim (John R. Kibar, 1952)

"It stars a young boy, named Bill, who writes to his friend Jim, reflecting on their times together the previous summer. Title cards of the boy’s handwritten letter are interspersed with images of their summer highlights, including scenes of fishing, automobile stunts of “Bob King and his Devil Drivers,” and a motorcycle hill climb competition." Chicago Film Archives

Watch: chicagofilmarchives.org

Dear Little Lightbird (Leland Auslender, 1968)

"Dear Little Lightbird was entered as an experimental film by Leland Auslender, who also won one of the four top awards in the Class C category. He has a way with color, light and angles, and this talent easily put his film in the Top Ten. It's a story of a little boy born with an incurable disease, and how his three years of life brought into focus all the wonders of nature and this world around us. Perhaps this 18-minute film could be shortened somewhat, but it doesn't seem to matter for the film surrounds you with unusual shots of the simple things most of us miss in the helter-skelter of everyday life" PSA Journal, Oct. 1968, 49.

Watch: via YouTube

Death Valley (Arthur H. Smith , 1939)

Kodachrome travelogue of Death Valley, California.

Watch: via Archive.org

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