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Corpus Christi Day in Hallstatt

Date produced: 1955


Esther S. Cooke


"Esther Cooke presents an outstanding motion picture. This colorful pageant, filmed against a background of majestic Austrian Alps satisfies in every respect. A masterful eye for beautifully composed scenes is evident throughout the film. The pageant is covered from such a variety of angles, one marvels at Esther Cooke's ability to record the vent single handed. The accompanying musical background and very informative narration are obviously the result of careful research and planning. Leo J. Heffernan narrates the film - truly a masterpiece among travelogues." PSA Journal, Dec. 1955, 34.

Cross Popular Vitoria-Gasteiz

Date produced: 1978


Eloy González Gavilán

Fairland Days

Date produced: 1939


Arthur H. Smith

Festival Michigan

Date produced: 1953


Cornelius Vanden Broek


"In Festival Michigan, Cornelius Vanden Broek undertook to record all of the fairs and community festivals that occur in the State of Michigan throughout the year. He was prompted to make this record for the benefit of many friends who were not able to attend them and thus to provide them with a vicarious participation. The usual parades, crowning a queen of this or that, live stock, home preserves, midway attractions and various contests for young folks are all here, done with pleasantly brief sequencing. A lively commentary accompanies the film. On the whole, this rather formidable undertaking results in a pleasant and completely honest endeavor. Mr. Vanden Broek achieved his goal with fine spirit." Movie Makers, Dec. 1953, 334.

France and Spain

Date produced: 1954


A. I. Willinsky


"Item is a film of a trip to Spain taken by Dr. Willinsky, his wife, Sadie, and some of their friends. Despite its title, the film does not contain footage of France. In the form of a travelogue, footage of landmarks, the local population, and the Willinsky's activities are accompanied by music and Dr. Willinsky's commentary. Footage includes shots of the Square of Spain, Sadie walking along the streets of a shopping district, churches and monasteries, a boat cruise from Palma to Figuera, a spring festival procession and dancing in Majorca. Most of the scenes were taken in Palma and Majorca." Ontario Jewish Archives.

Fuerza y Alegría [Strength and Joy]

Date produced: 1965


Documental sobre las fiestas vascas.

A documentary about Basque celebrations.

Glamorous Guatemala

Date produced: 1950


Ralph E. Gray


"In the Certificate Awards group, Ralph E. Gray, a consistent winner in national film competitions and recently honored with the title of Leading Amateur Movie Maker of the nation by the Movie Makers Club of Oklahoma and associated cine clubs, has turned in another of his superb filming jobs in 'Glamorous Guatemala.' A highlight is the excellent titling job, a department of movie making in which Gray excels. Gray opens his picture with scenes of modern day Guatemala, then gradually leads us into more remote areas of the country where he shows the native Guatemalan at work and at play, harvesting coffee, weaving, and trucking his wares to market, or indulging the religious ceremonials and market day festivities, which comprise his chief diversions. Gray filmed his picture using a Cine Special and Kodachrome film." American Cinematographer, April 1950, 134-135.


Date produced: 1981


José Luis De la Torre Agirre


Kaxarranka dantzaren erreportajea

Reportaje de danza Kaxarranka.

A depiction of the Kaxarranka dance.

Lekeitioko jaiak [Lekeitio Celebrations]

Date produced:


Benito Ansola Erkiaga


Desfile de gente disfrazada por las calles de Lekeitio hasta llegar a la plaza donde se reúnen todos y hacen sus respectivos espectáculos.

A parade of people in costumes in the streets of Lekeitio, until their arrival to a square where everyone meets and perform.

May Day Conflict

Date produced: 1948


Herbert F. Sturdy


"May Day Conflict is a well executed and skillfully edited family story film of the conflict created by the opening of the trout season and a flower festival both falling on May first. The central character is a good loser (the husband, of course!), as he accompanies his wife to the flower show after elaborate preparations for his fishing trip. Herbert F. Sturdy has deftly woven into the story pattern light, humorous incidents to provide amusing comedy relief from his fine floral closeup studies. Expert camera handling and smooth transitions lend a semi-professional finish to the picture." Movie Makers, Dec. 1948, 493-494.

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