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Lake Superior Landscape

Date produced: 1947


Elmer Albinson


"In Lake Superior Landscape, the artist, Dewey Albinson, demonstrates his technique of landscape painting from the bare canvas stage to the climactic moment when the glowingly finished product is first exhibited. Shot by Elmer Albinson, the film is marked by vivid closeups and many changing angles, which help immeasurably to achieve a comprehensive sense of growth as the painting progresses. Producer Albinson understands the relationship that exists between the object, the artist and the painting; he has used his camera with accuracy and sensitivity to pass this understanding on to those who see his film." Movie Makers, Dec. 1947, 538.

Le parfum de la Dame En Noir = Bir Kadın [A Woman]

Date produced: 1962


Alp Zeki Heper


“İlk film çalışmalarını Paris’te gerçekleştiren Heper, Galatasaray Lisesi’nden mezun olduktan sonra önce hukuk okumak için Cenevre’ye gider lakin mutlu olamaz ve okulu bırakarak Fransa’ya geçip, Paris Yüksek Sinema Enstitüsü’de (Institut des Hautes Etudes Cinématographiques – IDHEC) sinema eğitimi almaya başlar. Bu okuldan ‘En İyi Yönetmen’ ünvanı ile mezun olan yönetmen, bu dönem (1963 yılında) gerçekleştirdiği iki kısa filminden ilki olan ‘Bir Kadın’ ile IDHEC, ikinci kısa filmi Şafak ile de hem IDHEC hem de Avusturya Kültür Bakanlığı En İyi Film ödülünü almıştır.” Burak Çevik, Sinematek.tv: http://sinematek.tv/alp-zeki-heper-ve-iki-kisa-filmi-bir-kadin-safak/ (15 November 2019).

“Graduated from Galatasaray Highschool, Heper who first involved in filmmaking in Paris initially went to Geneva to study law. Because he was unhappy in Geneva, he left the law school and went to Paris to study filmmaking at Institut des Hautes Etudes Cinématographiques (IDHEC). He graduated from IDHEC with the award, “the best director.” The two student short films, Bir Kadın and Şafak, made by Heper when he was at IDHEC, received the best film awards from both IDHEC and the Austrian Ministry of Culture. Burak Çevik, Sinematek.tv http://sinematek.tv/alp-zeki-heper-ve-iki-kisa-filmi-bir-kadin-safak/ (15 November 2019).

Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood Extra, The

Date produced: 1927


Robert Florey

Slavko Vorkapich


"Robert Florey and Slavko Vorkapich created one of the most creative (particularly in light of its reputed $97 budget) and bleakest of the early avant-garde films. Photographed by Gregg Toland, who would become best known for his work on "Citizen Kane," the film is the time-worn tale of a movie extra (Jules Raucort) marginalized by one casting director after another until he's seen only as a number symbolically appearing on his forehead. The ultra simplistic sets and props, made of toys and cardboard buildings projected like shadows, help to create intricate German Expressionistic cityscapes reminiscent at times of "Metropolis." " National Film Registry.

Life Hangs By A Thread

Date produced: 1948


Paul R. Elliott

Joseph Dephoure


"The construction and performance of marionettes are skillfully pictured in Life Hangs By A Thread, by Paul R. Elliott and Joseph Dephoure. Aided by skillful lighting, a fine sound track perfectly harmonized with the action and an intelligent script, interest is closely held from the time a marionette is a lump of putty to its moments of glory when, in the hands of an experienced operator, it seems to take on a life of its own. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Life Hangs By A Thread is its careful step by step planning, indicating the sound belief by its producers that a movie should tell as much as possible pictorially, with the commentary used only to enhance the visual appeal." Movie Makers, Dec. 1948, 475-476.

Living, The

Date produced: 1965


Dan Wolman


"The Living is an experimental film in which Dan Wolman has used many of the principles of the cinema to great advantage. With static shots of statues to begin, the viewer wonders what can possibly be done with this subject. But suddenly, the statues come alive, helped along with music and Wolman's roving camera. His imagination was enough also to win for him the MPD Golden Scissors Award for the best film editing, as well as the MPD Sound Award for the best use of sound" PSA Journal, Aug. 1967, 36.

Making a Mask

Date produced: 1949


Judith Crawley

Louis Shore


"School children are shown how to make two kinds of simple masks using paper and paste" (Catalog of Copyright Entries, 113).

Mi casa de altos techos [My House of High Ceilings]

Date produced: 1970


David Celestinos


"Two Visual Arts students of the San Carlos Academy find themselves embroiled in contradictions, spiritual inclinations and concerns about the political and social conditions of Mexico, which puts them in a quandary about what stance to take in the Student Movement of 1968." Ambulante.

Mungo Makes a Mask

Date produced: 1953


G. Clifford Carl


"Mungo Martin demonstrates the making of a Bee Mask. Tony Hunt models the mask and provides a short rendition of the Bee Mask Dance" (Duffy, 140).
This film is also known as Mungo Martin Makes a Mask.

Norway: Fjord Country

Date produced: 1959


Alfred Strode


"Sites around Norway." UC San Diego Library.

Oh Yeah?

Date produced: 1964


Evelyn Kibar

John R. Kibar


"An amateur film made by and starring the husband and wife duo, John & Evelyn Kibar. The couple visit an art gallery, where John proclaims he can make art just the same. Title cards with dialogue are dispersed throughout the film." Chicago Film Archives

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