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Wealth of the Land

Date produced: 1937


Arthur H. Smith


Educational short film showing farming in California, and several mines and ghost towns in Nevada.

When the Frost Is On the Punkin

Date produced: 1955


Film treatment of the poem "When the Frost Is On the Punkin" by James Whitcomb Riley. Intertitles with text from the poem are interspersed among images that match the themes and content of the poem. The scenes include shots of harvest work, fall scenery, turkeys, and pumpkins.

White Hearts

Date produced: 1942


William R. Hutchinson


"White Hearts, filmed by William R. Hutchinson, whose Blossom Forth the Fruit placed in Ten Best last year, presents further evidence of Mr. Hutchinson's understanding of the treatment necessary in handling progressive developments in nature when it is used for educational subjects. This story of celery raising begins with shots of farmers preparing the rich black soil and concludes with sequences showing the produce, packaged, ready for shipment. One of the difficulties overcome was the achievement of variety of value in the scenes showing the white celery stalks in contrast with extremely dark earth. Human interest is introduced by including intimate shots of the workers. Logical progression, interesting compositional effects and a genuine feeling for texture and tactile values make this a fine study picture." Movie Makers, Dec. 1942, 508.

Wild Rice Harvest

Date produced: 1940


Monroe Killy


"Shows a traditional wild rice harvest, including parching, threshing or jigging by foot power, and fanning. Participants are the John Chicag family and Gerald Strong." Minnesota Historical Society.

Work and Contemplation

Date produced: 1941


Kenneth F. Space


"On college student work campers from the Hartwick Seminary and the farmers' cooperative movement in Cooperstown." National Archives.

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