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Kaya Tanyeri

Dates active:

1966-1977 (as an amateur filmmaker)




1. Hisar Kısa Film Yarışması [The 1st Hisar Short Film Contest], 1967, 8mm category, Contest Selection: Galata Köprüsü [Galata Bridge]

2. Hisar Kısa Film Yarışması [The 2nd Hisar Short Film Contest], 1968, 8mm category, Contest Selection: Bıçak [Knife]

4. Hisar Kısa Film Yarışması [The 4th Hisar Short Film Contest], 1970, 8mm category, the Best Film: Kadıköy İskelesi [Kadıköy Seaport]

Sinematek Dijital Sinema Kütüphanesi [Sinematek Digital Cinema Library]


1 Mayıs 1977 [1 May 1977] (1977)

Güneşe Dönük Kamera [Camera Towards Sun] (1979)


Painter, Pharmacist, Photographer

Related Professional Works:

  • 1987, Kadıköy Gençlik Bookstore Art Gallery
  • 1988, Kadıköy Gençlik Bookstore Art Gallery
  • 1989, Kadıköy Municipality Art Gallery
  • 1990, Akbank (Levent) Art Gallery
  • 1992, Ürün (Beyoğlu) Art Gallery
  • 1992, Yapı Kredi (Beyoğlu) Art Gallery
  • 1992, Akbank (Erenköy) Art Gallery
  • 1993, "Respect to Turkish Contemporary Artists", Pera Art
  • 1995, Istanbul Municipality Taksim Art Gallery
  • 1996, Akbank (Çankaya) Art Gallery
  • 2003, Istanbul Municipality Taksim Art Gallery
  • 2005, Istanbul Municipality Taksim Art Gallery
  • 2006, Çinili Cafe, Moda, Kadıköy
  • 2009, UPSD (International Plastic Arts Association), Istanbul
  • 2009, Kaya Tanyeri Paintings, UPSD Art Gallery
  • 2010, Capitol Shopping Center, Istanbul

Biographical Notes:

“Kaya Tanyeri was born in Zonguldak in 1930. He graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Istanbul University. He then ran his own pharmacy business until 1990. Besides his business, Tanyeri kept being very interested in visual arts. He met Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu in the 1960s. The relationship with Eyüboğlu enabled him to gain new perspectives in painting art. In the 1970s, Tanyeri also worked in other branches of art such as photography and short film. He ran his own photography studio from 1965 to 1970. Not only painting exhibitions, but Tanyeri has also had photography exhibitions and was awarded in Hisar Short Film Competition for three times. He is a member of the UPSD Association. Currently, Tanyeri continues his work in Istanbul.” Turkishculture.org: http://www.turkishculture.org/whoiswho/visual-arts/painter/kaya-tanyeri-1814.htm (1 November 2019).

Bibliographic Resources:

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