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Sueo Serisawa




American Cinematographer Amateur Movie Makers Contest, 1935 - Honorable Mention


Nisei Parade (1934)



Biographical Notes:

"Born in Yokohama, Japan on April 10, 1910 Sueo Serisawa was the son of artist Yoichi Serisawa. After moving to Los Angeles in 1918, he became ingrained in the California art scene. Perfecting his craft as a draughtsman and painter, Serisawa studied at Otis Art Institute and the Art Institute of Chicago. Serisawa became an instructor himself, teaching at Kahn Art Institute, Scripps College, and the Laguna Beach School of Art. Upon the U.S. entry into the war, Serisawa as a Japanese immigrant, became fearful of forced internment on the West Coast. He and his family moved to New York City until 1947 when they were able to safely return to Los Angeles. Serisawa spent the rest of his life in California, teaching and painting" Sullivan Goss.

One of Sueo or his brother Ikuo Serisawa is incorrectly listed as "J. R. Derisowa" in American Cinematographer's award reference for their film Nisei Parade. The Serisawa brothers produced several amateur films over a period of decades beginning in 1935.

Bibliographic Resources:

Historian Greg Robinson discusses the Serisawa brothers in the article "The Great Unknown and the Unknown Great: Sueo and Ikuo Serisawa’s Lifelong Dedication to the Arts" (The Nichi Bei Weekly, Feb. 1, 2018).
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