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  • 2004-0059 (Source: Library and Archives Canada)

Date produced: 1951


Charles Woodley




523 ft





Sound Notes:



Library and Archives Canada list of titled amateur films


"Film about three little boys, played by Doug, Bill and Lorne Woodley, the sons of Charles Devenish Woodley, visiting the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto on a sunny day." Library and Archives Canada.


This film is a part of the Charles Devenish Woodley Collection held by Library and Archives Canada.


  • Exhibition Palace, Toronto, Ontario (Filming)
  • Lake Ontario (Filming)






Charles Devenish Woodley Collection, Library and Archives Canada

Viewing Notes:

"It shows: man with the children; air show; the littlest boy (Lorne) running on the grounds; majorettes; crowds; more scenes of the three boys as they explore the fairgrounds; war veteran wearing medals visible in crowd; small parade as crowd looks on; marching band; close-up of marching feet; pipe band; ferris wheel in distance; various CNE buildings and food concession stands; hamburger stand; close-up of the boys eating foot-long hotdogs; boys walking past directory sign showing directions to various buildings; intertitle “Where’s Lorne”; boys sit in front of a No Parking sign; close-up of the boy’s feet and socks as they give their feet a rest; Lorne runs through the crowds as his older brothers chase him; they catch up to him and take him by the hand; next a police officer talks to Lorne; the boys go to the Lost Children’s Pavilion in search of Lorne and they find him at a playground; crowds watching speedboat races on Lake Ontario; close-up of the children; views of buildings in the distance; horticulture building; bandshell; sign for RCAF flying display; planes flying over Lake Ontario as crowds watch; plumes of water rise as objects are fired into the water; more scenes of activity at the bandshell; crowd of people on an open-air streetcar; children on train ride; scenes of food at the fair; the children having a picnic; crowds; boys carrying shopping bags; ping pong game; midway scenes; ferris wheel; signs on buildings such as Honey Dew and Whiz Bang; man diving into a tank; people doing trick dives and comical dives; log roller running on log in water, with a dog doing the same beside him; more scenes of people diving; various rides shown; sign for a freak show; boys look in funhouse mirror; the Bullet ride; more scenes of the children walking around; children among crowd walking toward the Princess Gate; and sign for Motor Show," Library and Archives Canada.