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  • 2004-0059 (Source: Library and Archives Canada)

Date produced: 1950


Charles Woodley




213 ft





Sound Notes:



Library and Archives Canada list of titled amateur films


"Home movie made by Charles Devenish Woodley, showing the beekeeping operation at his home." Library and Archives Canada.


This film is a part of the Charles Devenish Woodley Collection held by Library and Archives Canada.






Charles Devenish Woodley Collection, Library and Archives Canada

Viewing Notes:

"The footage is as follows: two of Woodley's sons and a dog; close-up of their feet, close-up of flower and bee; beekeeper (Woodley) unpacks and inspects hives; man takes leaves, banked up against hives, away from hives; close-up of bees; man looks at bees; bees gather pollen from blossoms; close-up of bees on flowers (looks like someone is holding up a branch of an apple or crabapple tree containing blossom); close-up of bees getting pollen from blossoms; cutaway shots of the Woodley sons watching; more close-ups of bees; boys in fields; boys run toward hives; more close-ups of hives; intertitle explains that guard bees repel intruders; boys meet beekeeper; beekeeper using a smoker to get bees out of hive; close-up of the hive; intertitles explain the footage of bees hatching and larva capped over; more bee close-ups; close-up of a bee on a lollipop; more bee close-ups; intertitle explains that a queen cell indicates overcrowding; boys helping beekeeper build hives; harvesting the honey in August; beekeeper lifts frames out of hive; one of the boys puts his finger on the frame, gets some honey and tastes it; uncapping and straining honey off the frames in the honey house; honey dripping into pails; boy turns handle to spin honey as other boy looks on; the liquid pours into a pail from tap; honey poured into cans; boy stacks cans of honey; intertitle explains that there is enough honey to last all winter; close-up of opened can of honey; the Woodley family at breakfast, putting honey on toast; Mrs. Woodley pours tea; Mr. Woodley puts honey on a slice of toast; intertitle says bees wait for spring; and closing shot of Woodley and his boys looking at snow-covered hives," Library and Archives Canada.