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Filming an episode for Barriers. (Movie Makers, October 1930, p. 620.)

Date produced: 1930


Harford G. McKinley

Production credits:


ca. 1,000 feet





Sound Notes:



The first dramatic film produced by a Toronto amateur movie club.

Toronto Daily Star, 17 Jan 1930 p. 17
Toronto Daily Star, 17 January 1930 p. 17.


Promotes the all-round activities of YMCA work and their relationship to character-building. Kenyon, a one-time YMCA athlete, has "fallen into evil companionship" and become addicted to cocaine. Under the control of Chinese underworld kingpin Chang Yat, he aids in the kidnapping of a white girl. Afterwards, he discovers his old "Y" pin and recalls the role of YMCA athletics in shaping his character. Seized with remorse, he overpowers Chang Yat and helps the girl escape. Later, Kenyon returns to the YMCA. (D.J. Duffy, condensed from "Y.M.C.A. Cinema Club Produces Smart Film," Toronto Daily Star, May 31, 1930, p. 30.)
Film was sponsored or co-produced by the Central Y.M.C.A. of Toronto, and written by the club's secretary, H.G. McKinley.


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  • Toronto, Ontario (Filming)

Club Affiliation:

Toronto Amateur Cinema Club






  • Screened at the Central Y.M.C.A., May 1930: Toronto, Ontario

Viewing Notes:

First screening of Barriers: Toronto Daily Star, May 31, 1930, p. 35.
Coverage of the first screening of Barriers in the Toronto Daily Star, 31 May 1930, p. 35.